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What triggers your anxiety, based on your zodiac sign

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01/13What triggers your anxiety, based on your zodiac sign

In today’s world, escaping the web of anxiety is not only difficult but almost impossible. No matter how well you train your mind, moments of anxiety and stress are bound to disturb the peace of your mind. But the one thing that’s in your control is how you can deal with these bouts of worry and apprehension.

Depending on the kind of personality you have and the zodiac sign you belong to, you can definitely find out the things that can be a cause of concern for you. That said, here’s what triggers your anxiety, as per your zodiac sign.



Aries is adventurous and enthusiastic. However, their spontaneous nature often leads them to make decisions, which become the source of most of their anxiety and nervousness. While they are very ambitious, their desire to touch the heights of success is what can trigger their sense of worry and concern.



When it comes to a Taurean, they are very introverted people. They like to stay in their comfort zone and do not like many changes in their lives. So, if ever a Taurean is introduced to a new set of people or are transferred to some other location for work purposes, it is sure to put them off-guard and make them anxious.



Geminis can be stressed at some of the minutest of things, such as the way they look or how people perceive them. While they are great conversationalists, they sometimes cannot process the information they get from people, which often disrupts their peace of mind.



As far as a Cancerian is concerned, they are highly sensitive people. You put off my offensive comments and do not like the sound of criticism. It can stress you out and leave you to wonder where you went wrong.



Leos are dominant personalities. However, when it comes to anxiety, there is no limit to how stressful situations can get for a Leo. Whenever you feel things are moving out of your control and that you’re not getting the attention you deserve, you’re deemed to feel stress.



Virgos are perfectionists who want everything to be spick and span. There is no room for mistakes for them. Therefore, most of Virgo’s anxiety are triggered by their fear of failing. That is, the feeling of defeat and being less is what stresses them out to the core.



Instability is something a Libran can’t handle. They are one of the most well-balanced minds of all. But if ever they feel that things are going out of hand, they’re sure to panic.



In terms of Scorpio, they’re passionate about everything they do. But to be driven and to achieve what they want, they need peace and quiet. That said, if ever they’re deprived of their space, they’re sure to run out of patience and may become too anxious.



For a Sagittarian, freedom is everything. Listening to the society and conforming to its rules and regulations is what stresses them out. That said, nothing can really restrict them from following their heart.


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