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Zodiac signs who make the most strict mothers, ranked from most to least | The Times of India<br />

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Zodiac signs who make the most strict mothers, ranked from most t…

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01/13Sunsigns who make the most strict mothers

Mothers are the epitome of love and affection. Whatever they do for their children, it’s all in good faith and intention. While their children are their prized possessions, protecting them from bad influences and shielding them from unnecessary problems is what they do best. That said, depending on different circumstances, mothers take up different roles and disguises. However, some mothers are serious by nature and tend to have a very strict approach to parenting. Therefore, here are the zodiac signs who make the strictest mothers and the ones who are most lenient of all.



Capricorn mothers are extremely practical. Known for their rationality, they can become highly insensitive at times and may come of as one of the most strict parents of all. No matter how hard their children try to connect with them, they fail to see things through the emotional lens and cannot reciprocate the same love.



As far as a Taurean mother is concerned, she can be stubborn and like most of the strict parents, she wants everything to work according to her. That said, a Taurean mother will try her level best to inculcate strong moral and ethical beliefs in her child, irrespective of whether her son or daughter are ready to dwell on it or not.



Virgo mothers are self-acclaimed perfectionists who can be quite meticulous in their approach to parenting. Not only do they want their children to do well in academics, but they also want them to excel in all other extra-curricular activities. This is why, they never let their guards down and come off as a difficult parent.



Scorpion mothers are passionate souls. While they want their children to fair well in life, they seem to impose their ambitions on them in the long run. This somehow gives them off as an authoritarian figure, making their children fear them more.



When it comes to Libran mothers, they can be a blend of fun and stern personalities. While they love to maintain balance and stability in their relationship with their children, they do not impose a lot of rules on their children, but help them the understand the importance of discipline and manners in life.



Leo mothers are dominant characters. While they’re known for their unyielding behaviours, when it comes to their children, they can’t help but give them all the love and attention they deserve. As a parent, Leo mothers are highly sensitive and emotional.



Aries mothers are fun and exciting. From planning spontaneous adventures to looking past their child’s small mistakes, they can be quite fun to be around. However, at times when they are tensed and overworked, they can become a little harsh and difficult.



Mothers who belong to Gemini are great talks and conversationalists. Rather than being strict and harsh, they believe in convincing their children through words. Not only do kids find comfort in the conversations they have with their Gemini mothers, but they also find a sense of calm and peace.



Aquarians are known for their free-spirited nature and liberal thinking. That said, they are everything you’d want a parent to be. When it comes to parenting, Aquarian mothers are everything but strict, which is why children tend to share every bit of their life with them.


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